Media Buyer Role:

Role Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Research and Analysis: Conducting thorough research to understand the target audience’s demographics, behaviors, and preferences. This involves analyzing various media outlets to determine which platforms (e.g., television, radio, online, print) will best reach the target audience.

  • Strategy Development: Developing a media buying strategy that aligns with the campaign’s goals, budget, and target audience. This includes deciding on the mix of media channels, timing, and geographic focus.

  • Negotiation and Purchasing: Negotiating with media outlets to purchase ad space or airtime. Media Buyers aim to secure the best possible prices and placement for advertisements, working within the constraints of the campaign budget.

  • Building Relationships with Media Vendors: Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with representatives from various media outlets. Good relationships can lead to better deals and opportunities for added value.

  • Monitoring and Optimization: Once the campaign is live, monitoring its performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) and making adjustments as necessary to optimize reach and effectiveness. This may involve reallocating budget, tweaking ad placements, or renegotiating terms with vendors.

  • Financial Management: Managing the campaign budget carefully, ensuring that all media purchases are accounted for and reconciled. This includes handling invoices, resolving billing discrepancies, and ensuring timely payment to media vendors.

  • Reporting and Analysis: Providing detailed reports on campaign performance, including reach, engagement, and ROI. Analyzing the effectiveness of different media channels and placements to inform future media buying decisions.

  • Staying Informed on Media Trends: Keeping up to date with changes and trends in the media landscape, including new advertising platforms, changes in audience behavior, and advancements in technology that may affect media buying strategies.

  • Collaboration: Working closely with other members of the marketing and advertising team, including media planners, creative teams, and account managers, to ensure the media strategy aligns with the overall campaign objectives and creative direction.

  • Compliance and Ethical Considerations: Ensuring that all media purchases comply with legal and regulatory standards, as well as ethical guidelines. This includes being aware of content restrictions, advertising standards, and audience protections.

Qualities and Requirements:

  • Must be an effective communicator, and exercise strong listening and comprehension skills
  • Must have strong time management skills, we highly value punctuality
  • Must have strong organizational skills to handle multiple moving parts and tasks within the company and it’s departments
  • Must be comfortable with a fast paced environment
  • Demonstrate and Align with ABMG Core Values
    • Provide an exceptional client experience – Always go the extra mile
    • Commit to continuous improvement – Good isn’t good enough
    • Take initiative – Create solutions
    • Lead by example – Always be accountable
    • Be an effective communicator – Listening goes a long way
    • Love what you do – Attitude matters

Job Benefits, Compensation, and Further Details:

  • Competitive compensation and opportunities to grow. 
  • Additional benefits offered include: Paid Time Off, Health Insurance
  • Opportunity to grow within the company, we almost exclusively only promote from within our ranks. 
  • Hybrid Work Environment 
  • Work with a creative and collaborative team